Studio Smiles Is Your Allen, TX Dentist

Never Stop Smiling

    tooth Family Dentistry

    Offering comprehensive dental care for you and your entire family!

    tooth Orthodontics

    Braces are the most common treatment though we also treat our clients with headgear, plates, and more.

    tooth Preventative Dentistry

    We want all of our patients to have healthy smiles so we work with them to make sure that they are doing everything that they possibly can to have good dental hygiene.

    tooth Pediatric Dentistry

    We prefer to start children out young – learning the correct way to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.

    tooth Sedation Dentistry

    We would be glad to use sedation techniques if you are extremely nervous or you need some pain relief during your procedure.

    tooth Restorative Dentistry

    We offer many different types of dental restorations to replace any broken or missing teeth.

    tooth Teeth Whitening

    We offer a variety of teeth whitening options including At-Home Whitening Kits.

    tooth Oral Surgery

    We practice the highest standards of care and we also utilize cutting edge medical technology for our patients.

Welcome To Studio Smiles Dental, PLLC

Caring for you and your Picture Perfect Smile

We understand that your first visit to the dentist can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.

Our team of dedicated dental health professionals are here to serve you. We combine extensive knowledge in the field of dentistry with a passion for helping people love their smiles. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your dental needs.

Our staff has taken the steps to prepare you for the first appointment by providing a full spectrum of the services we offer and the option to complete our new patient form prior to your visit. Our goal is to cover everything you need with a full and efficient assessment, but without waiting to see the doctor.